Did Greg Plitt Use Steroids Or Natural?

Greg Plitt was the epitome of aesthetics and most popular in the fitness world.

Greg got the fame through dedication and hardcore motivation in the weightlifting world.

Gred Plitt Fitness Model
Source: Watchotc

Greg had started his fitness career since high school as a wrestler and got his inspiration as joined the U.S Naval Academy.

He got 4.0 GPA from the high school and applied in the Naval Academy.

After a tough selection, Greg was approached by West Point who saw his full potential.

After serving five years in the domestic land, Greg retired as an Army Captain.

He started the acting and modeling career inspired by a friend.

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Greg in a short period of time, got huge achievements.

He was a two time champion in ALL AMERICAN, three times in STATE TIME CHAMPION WRESTLER.

As U.S Army Ranger commanding a squad of 180 soldiers.

Greg as a Golf Club champion, actor, model and social entrepreneur.

fitness modelGreg Plitt Athlete Statistics:
  • Weight of the body: 180-215lbs (81.6-97.5kg)
  • Off season weight: 212 Ibs
  • Competition weight: 200lbs
  • Height of the body: 6’1’’ (185.5cm)
  • Body fat: 5-8%

Body measurements:

  • Arms: 18’’
  • Chest: 46’’
  • Waist: 33’’
  • Date of birth: 3 November, 1977
  • Date of death: 17 January, 2015

Unfortunately, there are many peoples who ask the tingling question that he probably took steroids and most of the peoples want to know how can they achieve Greg Pitty’s like body naturally.

Who thinks that Greg was juicer or on the steroids?

It is not difficult to find out a person who is juicer or natural one.

Testosterone boosters can also helps in muscle growth and stamina for bodybuilders.

Below we discussed the evidence that proves Greg was 100% natural

Let’s take a look:

Good Background As An Army:

Greg Plitt background is clear in front of all.

Greg Plitt Training and Workout
Source: Insider

He has done the job as a successful Army Ranger.

The efforts behind for selection is huge.

Statistics of Greg Plitt like a former IFBB professional from the Golden era.

We can compare the Greg Plitt to the Serge Nurbet.

Why he chooses the steroids? His Career as an Army and the fitness model.

Greg career did not huge involve in a contest where the people require drug for enhancing the strength and stamina.

No Signs Of Steroid:

His physique had never showed monster look and huge gains, his size could easily be attained by many peoples.

1. Symmetry:

It is hard to attain a symmetrical physique with steroid use.

Greg always had a symmetry physique.

2. Stability:

Greg Plitt fitness bodybuildingGreg in his fitness period over 15 years have a stable physique.

He was almost appear identical on the cover or magazines, whereas the steroid users can shred the entire physique after they stop taking steroids.

You can see the pictures of Arnold (Juicer) after the retirement, whereas the pictures of Bolo Yeung (natty).

3. Uneven Muscles:

Steroid can help muscle to grow bigger unevenly without any shape.

Greg had the proper, even and defined shape of the muscle in an entire body.

Professional bodybuilders and fitness model kept the body fat percentage around 5-8%.

The reason behind low fat is to ready for the movies, photo shoots and the business events.

4. Gynecomastia:

Steroids can increase the level of estrogen in the male results in the excessive growth of male breasts.

5. Awesome Genetics:

He is born with the awesome genetics and he interested in the wrestling since high school.


Greg Plitt nutrition is planned with a 5-6 meals per day.

Some of his meals are consistent with 3,500 calories, but this range is not recommended when the percentage of body fat is low because it makes hard for maintaining a fat percentage.

Greg meals are included in the lean protein sources such as the fish, steaks and chicken.

For cutting of fat, he preferred to eat a solid meal per day and protein shakes as a drink.

Eat until your mind satisfied “Eat like a Lion”


 Greg Plitt workout training composed of hard work and dedication.

His training did not have the rest days, easy days and off days.

Greg mentioned in the articles that Pride was our biggest mistake because it causes the lift to impress, results in an injury.

He just enhanced the natural strength through a proper nutrition.

Pin Point:

Greg Plitt focused on each individual part of the body from Monday to Sunday.

He trained Abs everyday for 10-15 minutes after a workout through leg raises, leg wipers and flutter kicks.

Greg workout training started at 5:30am every day.

Cardio Workouts:

Greg has done cardio in the evening for burning of food before going to bed.

Greg Plitt Cardio WorkoutsWhenever I have any problem, so I’m doing cardio because it provides a perfect solution “Exercises strengthen the mind

He included the running and swimming as well.

High Volume Training:

He performed high volume training about 25 to 50 reps.

Greg gained the muscle through lifting light weight in the high reps.

Greg Plitt Tragic Death:

Greg was filming a commercial for an energy drink in the 17th January 2015 in California and trying to outrun a train, but unfortunately he was passively hit by a train as accidentally.

He achieves everything through care and dedication, but on that day there was a slight misjudgment happened.

Assumption: (Natty)

When you go at any gym, so how many guys who probably take steroids and have a Greg Plitt’s physique?

Even with low doses of steroid, it becomes harder to achieve a Greg Plitt look he had.

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Usually celebrities and Bodybuilders used to take dbol and winstrol for massive gain.

A man with 6’1’’ height can naturally gain the 190Ibs and Greg Plitt was perfectly matched to this standard.

In reality, Greg was a steroid free guy.

Dedication, motivation, good genetics, training hard and clean diet habit can also stand you in the position where you have the symmetric physique. 

Greg left an impact on the fitness world and continues to inspire the people.

May he rest in peace.

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